”You cannot have too many beer festivals”

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February 12, 2013 by jakobhohlmann

Beer festivals are not a rarity in 2013. On the contrary. But if Matt Stout got his way, events like last week’s Battersea Beer Festival in South West London would be even more frequent. The sales and marketing executive from Sambrook’s Brewery assisted the local CAMRA branch arrange the ale event and had four beers on display.

”It is a nice opportunity to meet people on both sides of the bar. Customers, publicans and other brewers,” he explains.

Battersea Beer Festival, 2013.

Battersea Beer Festival, 2013. © CAMRAswl

No numbers on success
Battersea Beer Festival lasts, like many other events like it, for three days. This year, the organisers could celebrate 22 years birthday for the festival, and did so with 180 different beers showcased. In terms of the number of visitors and contacts made, Matt Stout would rate this year’s festival as a success. However, he is not a big fan of measuring festivals in numbers.

”For me, the most important thing is to get feedback, and see what is going on in the industry. I do not make any big contracts out of it, but I get to see the people, who sell our ale and the ones buying it. That is important,” he says.

No unhealthy rivalry
Despite the fact that almost every week offers a new beer festival in the UK, Matt Stout does not see the events as competitors or rivals:

”You cannot have too many beer festivals, I think. As long as they are well organised, with a nice range of beer and everything is looked after, it is not a problem.”


Pictures from the festival are owned by @CAMRAswl. More are available on Flickr.
One of the next beer events in London is London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival on March 6-8 in The Camden Centre.

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