Survey: London brewers want to start new businesses

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May 3, 2013 by Luca Rossi

London brewers would like to open their pub, think that beer festivals in the capital have to improve and see a promising future for local breweries.  That is the result of a survey Londondrinkup made to understand what is the vibe of brewers’ world.

Since 2006, London breweries more than quadrupled. We wanted to know how many will they be in the next 5 years in the brewers’ opinion. The 30 per cent of them think that they will still be 30. Another 30 per cent see they almost tripling, jumping to 80.  The 23 per cent forecast they skyrocketing to around 100, while just a 15 per cent think that they are going to double to 60.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 00.20.15

Opinions about London beer festivals are controversial. For 54 per cent of brewers they have to improve, while 23 per cent think that London ales are not enough publicized by them.

A good percentage, around 38 per cent, think that London beer festivals are nice and numerous and just the 8 per cent think they are too few.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 00.19.56
Many brewers now think about opening a pub to sell their own beers. 46 per cent would love to open their own bar, the 23 per cent declare to have already got one and another 23 per cent don’t have a clear opinion on how to develop the business. A 7 per cent does not have any intention to open any kind of pub.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 00.19.46
Londoners, finally. All the brewers we contacted said that they love pale ales the most. Then follow golden ales and brown ales. Belgian ales are still popular at the 4th position, while no many seem to consider mild and burton ales.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 00.19.33
Here is the entire list of the participating breweries:

Adventure Brewery
Beavertown Brewery
Beavertown Brewery
Botanist Brewery
Brew By Numbers
Brodies Beers
Brüpond Brewery
By the horns
By the horns
Camden Town Brewery
Clarence & Fredericks
Crate Brewery
East London Brewing Company
East London Brewing Company
Hackney Brewery
Late Knights Brewery
Little Brew
London Brewing Company
London Fields Brewery
Meantime Brewing Company
Moncada Brewery
Partizan Brewery
Red Church Brewery
Redemption Brewery
Rocky Head
Sambrook’s Brewery
Stag Brewery
Tap East Brewery
The Cronx
The Cronx
The Florence
The Kernel Brewery
Twickenham Brewery
Weird Beard Brewery
Windsor & Eton

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